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Interactive Map – Illustrates On-the-Ground Work

To illustrate ongoing work in Dry Lake Hills, a new map has been developed that shows the types and locations of on-the-ground work. The map includes various layers that depicts: completed, current and future forest treatments (thinning and prescribed fire); temporary road construction; temporary trails and closures; and haul routes. The map can be accessed here: Interactive Map

  • General Project Area Map – includes general location of treatments
  • Potential Flood Map – Created by the City Stormwater Department to illustrate areas which could be impacted by post-fire flood waters in the Rio de Flag watershed.


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Featured Video: Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project Overview

This video was created by NAU’s School of Communications’ senior capstone class.

FWPP Awareness Video

This video was created by NAU’s School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability capstone class. Click on this link to view:


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