About the Project: In November 2012, Flagstaff voters approved a $10M bond to support the Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project – a partnership effort between the State, City and Coconino National Forest to help reduce the risk of devastating wildfire and post-fire flooding in the Rio de Flag and Lake Mary watersheds.

Recent News

  • Best Management Practices Used to Minimize Impacts to Soils, Water Resources and Trails

    Ground-based thinning activities using mechanized equipment require the use of existing forest roads and the construction of new temporary roads to facilitate access to timber stands. In addition, whole-tree skidding of harvested trees requires a network of skid trails ending at landings where trees are delimbed and loaded onto trucks for transport to processing sites […]

  • Harvesting Methods Open House & Firewise Landscaping Contest – Two Exciting Upcoming Events –

    The Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership (GFFP) is pleased to announce an exciting free public event: Harvesting Methods & Wildfire Preparedness Open House on May 7th from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM at the Aquaplex in Flagstaff. As the pace and scale of forest restoration efforts increase throughout the area, this is an opportunity for the […]

  • FWPP What’s Going on Out There?

    Includes background information and what implementation of forest treatments means in the Dry Lake Hills project area of FWPP: 1) marking trees with paint, 2) cutting and hauling trees, 3) prescribed fire, 4) rehabilitation of trails, roads, and 5) monitoring of impacts through best management practices. For more info: FWPP_Implmt_Tree_Paint_Whats_Going_On_Final